Travel Ready Gear is Here



Check out where the TCO jet setters adventured, and learn their tips on must-have gear to create your own escape.

We rented an Indie Camper to explore Portugal. The camper van was magical! One good thing after another kept happening: Hiking the cliffs over the Atlantic, kayaking in the ocean and through the caves (we could see Africa from our kayak!), snorkeling and catching an octopus, sleeping in olive groves in the van, eating the freshest seafood every night.

TIP: Heidi wore Smith Forge sunglasses everyday, which gave her additional coverage to protect from the elements. Here she is wearing the prAna Foundation Tank, Patagonia Trucker hat and Keen Newports. I (Sarah) wore my Smith Serpico Sunglasses (classic aviators), and prAna Foundation Tank too. Bodie, he lived in his Keen Newports.

I went to St. Thomas USVI in December to visit Dane while he was doing hurricane response/cleanup. He was in Puerto Rico and then in the USVI for about 2 months.

TIP: I took my Cotopaxi Luzon as a carry on and as my daypack travelling around–also had my Hydroflask! Lots of places still didn’t have power so I had to carry water and food for the day. It was an eye opening trip but a lot of fun and still beautiful. My bag fit right in among the colorful landscape :- ) It was super comfortable and held everything I needed.

We just got back from the Gulf Coast of Florida where we spent 10 days sailing offshore. There’s a lot of moving parts to a sailboat, and it can get exhausting constantly adjusting course to the wind and trimming sails, but we had a blast!

Tip: Jackie is looking cool and protecting her eyes with her polarized Smith Marvine sunglasses, and Clare is steering the sailboat in her Smartwool Basic Merino 150 Pattern Dress, a perfectly packable and breathable temperature-regulating travel piece.

Ok, we’ll be honest, this isn’t Ed, it’s Clare’s Dad…But, Ed’s on his way to go fishing in Andros, Bahamas next week. Let’s hope he has clear weather and plenty of bites!

Tip: Ed is bringing his Patagonia Sandy Cay Pants, lightweight and quick drying designed for fishing. He’s also packing his ExOfficio Bugsaway Sol-Cool Cape Hat to keep his face and neck protected from the Bahamian sun, and Badger Anti-Bug Sunscreen.

Someplace I’ve been and someplace I’m going. I love visiting my dad in South Beach, and am heading there this weekend to spend some time with him. We love walking along the shoreline in the fresh ocean air.

Tip: Just as shown in the photo, above, I’m bringing my Olukai Ohana sandals, prAna Kara jeans, and lightweight prAna long sleeve top. The three mix well to make a great outfit I can wear all day and into the night. Cute and comfortable.

My husband Kevin and I just went to Universal Studios Hollywood. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, so of course we had to visit Hogwarts!

Tip: We brought our favorite travel layers. Kevin’s Arcteryx covert cardigan and my Patagonia Midweight Capilene 1/4 zip were perfect for cooler days, and pack beautifully.

I spent a couple of awesome days bouldering and climbing in Bishop, CA at Buttermilk Boulders. I camped out at night and climbed all day.

Tip: I wore my Patagonia Capeline Daily t-shirt and prAna Brion Pants because I can move easily on the rock in these stretchy, quick-drying pieces.

I recently went to Australia and spent a ton of time soaking up the sun out at the beach.

Tip: I wore my Birkenstock Arizona sandals everywhere. They’re easy, comfortable, and I can walk all day in them. Plus, I wore a UV Buff to protect my face from the sun.

I spent last week playing golf with 11 of my long-time friends down in Orlando, FL. As always, we had a great time together on our annual boys trip, and we lost fewer golfballs than last year! I’m already excited for next year.

Tip: I wore my Johnny-O Performance Bunker shirt because it’s great at moisture-wicking, extremely comfortable and has the perfect amount of stretch for any golf swing, good or bad. Plus, I wore my TCO logo hat. Both work on and off the course, and I can wear them all day long.

Come in and try on Patagonia’s new Micro Puff jacket.

Photo, above, courtesy of Osprey.