Trail Creek History

In 1983, two very green young guys had a dream. We wanted to open a store that would be the next L. L. Bean or Orvis. So with the help of some wonderful people, we rented a space in Powder Mill Square in Greenville, Delaware. We painted and made crude wooden fixtures and bought other fixtures at auction. With money scraped together from selling shares in our venture and loans from parents, we opened the doors to Country Classics on March 23rd that year.

From very humble beginnings with very little inventory, the store grew slowly but steadily. It soon became the place to buy anything “ducky.” Country Classics sold everything from Duckhead khakis to risque ties to barware to shotguns to fishing rods and on and on. After years of being a non-profit organization, the black ink finally flowed around 1988 or so.

The store in Powder Mill could only hold so many chamois shirts embroidered with pheasants, so we began looking for a bigger space. We found it in 1990 at a new shopping center called Glen Eagle Square. With almost 2/3rds more space to fill we found ourselves experiencing deja vu all over again. We had to go back to the well for more financing and make more homemade fixtures. Back to non-profit status again. From a very scattered product line and with some difficult soul-searching, we decided to focus on outdoor clothing. We pledged to be the best outdoor clothing store in the area and changed our name to Trail Creek Outfitters. We were committed to offering exceptional customer service from knowledgeable, friendly staff. We identified the best outdoor clothing companies and stocked our shelves with their products. The quality of our merchandise was paramount in our inventory selection. We did not want anyone to say that they got bad information or bad clothing from Trail Creek Outfitters.

SEP 10, 2018: TCO Featured in SNEWS as a #coolshop.


For the most part, we have been successful. However, we strive to constantly improve; always looking for new lines, receiving clinics from our vendors and greeting new customers. This brings us to you: one of the customers that we greeted however long ago. None of this would have been possible without your patronage. We sincerely thank you for 30+ years of support. We hope that we can continue to earn your trust and your business. We look forward to serving your needs for thirty more years and beyond. Thank you for making us not the next L.L. Bean, but the first Trail Creek Outfitters.

Brian Havertine
Ed Camelli

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