The long days of summer are made for backpacking.

If you’re looking for advice, our TCO staffers have wandered local trails for the day, hiked to summits with valley views, taken on the AT and PCT for months, packed up to spend a weekend in the woods, trekked into the backcountry, experienced stargazing, mastered hammock-camping, and perfected backcountry cooking.

Their tip: No matter whether you’re spending a day, week, or months in the woods, bring these 10 Essentials with you so you can be prepared for anything.

And just for you, we’ve curated a checklist for your next overnight backpacking adventure:

5 Backpacking essentials you didn’t know we carried:

July 17th was National Backpacking Day! And July is backpacking month at Trail Creek.

You can find epic views and impressive climbs at the National Parks or in your own backyard.

You can keep it simple, or make it impressive. Whatever path you choose, we’ve got the gear to get you going.

Now, get out there.

Here’s our favorite gear for your outdoor sleepover (camping or festival)


Glamping* – It’s the best of both worlds. Whether you’re going to a festival, car camping in the backcountry, or pitching your tent in the backyard, you can enjoy the comforts of a luxurious retreat while still experiencing the adventure of a night out under the stars.

When you don’t have to worry about the weight of your gear, your tent can be as big as you’d like. Bring out chairs, tables and thick blankets for some serious comfort. Pack your camp stove to cook up real food and brew your morning coffee.

Don’t forget coolers you can fill with your favorite beer, wine or summer cocktail. Make your space yours with festive flags and cozy lanterns. Lay back on your pillow, breath deep, and count the stars.

*glamour camping

Here’s how to do camping right: