Back to School: Gear to keep them ahead of the curve.

For some kids, big or little, the need for adventure never stops. And why should it? After all, adventure comes in many forms. In the summer, it might be a camper van in Portugal with your parents, or overnight camp on the Chesapeake with your BFF. When school starts, adventure could be anything from reading an epic novel to tackling a new sport, or finally trying out for the high school play.

So, as your kid(s) head for a school year filled with promising adventures, we are here with the rain gear to keep them dry at the bus stop, and fleece jackets to keep them warm on their commute across campus. Plus, we have solid backpacks from The North Face, Patagonia, Osprey, and Cotopaxi to carry their load, and the hippest footwear that makes walking those long hallways or lecture halls a breeze.

Last thing: Don’t forget to feed their inner foodie. From hot soups to frozen smoothies, the Hydro Flask food flask keeps their favorite foods the perfect temperature, plus it won’t retain or transfer flavors. Throw in a handful of Patagonia Provisions like salmon, buffalo jerky, fruit + almond bars and Tsampa Soup options, and you know for sure they’ll be eating well.